The Self Discovery Flow

The Self Discovery Flow is a simple and revolutionary process using art therapy combined with psychology techniques to remove the disconnect everyone eventually experiences from their authentic self. Most often this happens when we are children so this can be seen as a form of reconnecting with your inner child. But really it’s much more than that – with long lasting and powerful effects that require little to no effort to continue experiencing.

The end result is completely clear vision of yourself and others! This means triggers and other reactive behaviors will no longer be a burden or block you from a more fulfilling life.

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What Is The Self Discovery Flow?

The Self Discovery Flow is a unique and revolutionary process using art therapy combined with psychology techniques to remove the disconnect (trauma) everyone experiences from their authentic self. It has been clear to Rainbow’s own personal experience as well as over 160 individuals that this occurs when we are children. Every child is in the  theta brain wave state until age 7. This is when the subconscious is being created. Where perceptions of both the individual & world around them is formed. Every Self Discovery Flow is completely unique to each individual. This can be seen as a form of reconnecting with your inner child. But really it’s much more than that – with long lasting and powerful effects that require little to no effort to continue experiencing The end result is completely clear vision of yourself and others! This means triggers and other reactive behaviours will no longer be a burden or block you from a more fulfilling overall life experiences. The premise on knowing instead of believing.


How Does It Work?

How Does It Work? Contact Rainbow through the form here to schedule your appointment. It generally takes most people 3-5 hours to have a complete session, although some do go longer. It’s essential to plan a time where you can be completely uninterrupted, as you will be in a flow state accessing your own thoughts and memories which have been suppressed over time. It’s important to note that The Self Discovery Flow is different from traditional therapy in that the client continues to reap the benefits of this session, without the need for continued appointments. Traditional therapy can go on for many years and leave the client dependent on these sessions.

The Self Discovery Flow is designed to really empower the client in a much different way. To prepare for your session you will need colored pencils and paper. This is essential so you can fully participate in the “art therapy aspect of your session) necessary to be in flow. Where possible a music track (provided prior by Rainbow) is played in the background.

To book your appointment you will need to confirm date/time with Rainbow.

  • This first discussion with Rainbow is your opportunity to ask any questions and to receive information as to Rainbows work.
  • Once agreed, you pay for your session two days before in full.
  • Total price £555.00. This includes your Pre Self Discovery Flow chat. The Self Discovery Flow and then 1 session if requested after 1 week.


Below you will see what Rainbow’s clients have to say about The Self Discovery Flow. Please note that names are omitted to protect confidentiality and know that your information will not be shared with anyone. Clients giving testimonials have authorized their use on this website. 


Unbelievable Clarity

I’ve done so much work on myself over the years and felt that a piece was missing in my understanding of self and others. Going through the rainbow flow literally allowed me to see things clearly – like a fog was lifted and nothing was left but sun shining into all parts of my mind. Suppressed memories came to the [...]

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Goodbye Self Sabotage

I had the pleasure and honor of working with Rainbow Warrior recently as I was attempting to work through some childhood traumas that were still affecting me today. Just having had my 55th birthday and knowing I needed to get help in understanding how the deepest hurts, traumas and attitudes have been affecting how I show up in the world. [...]

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Self Discovery

Journey of Self Discovery takes many different forms. Different modalities for different folk, I like to say. In his unique way, Rainbow takes you ever so gently to the past to discover your point of disconnect. With love and forgiveness we can reconnect to everything we are, who we have always been. Be in flow.  I felt an enormous sense [...]

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Transformative Revelations

Your wisdom, echoed in transformative revelations – where the rhythmic sound of your voice was unveiling.. a melody within myself. This melody was long muted by the cacophony of external judgements and inner turmoil. The seemingly effortless way, in which you were turning abstract concepts into lived experiences, stating them in such a way that for once, the chatter of [...]

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My Soul’s Song

You do know how much I like a good cliche… The words, that you can not love someone else until you learn to love yourself – now has a whole new multiverse of meanings in it. Even the smallest gesture given to someone else, feels so remarkably different. Thank you, for this journey, it is truly still leading me. The [...]

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Graced by the Gods

Life before the soul flow was quite spectacular. I had been moving through the motions at my own pace, although I was plagued with a continual cycle of meeting new friends and communities of people only for the relationship to end or somewhat self destruct by the following March-April. Graced by the gods, I received this Soul Discovery Flow in [...]

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Putting Me First

I had to be treated for cancer in 2008 then another strain in 2018. I raised now adult kids and I have a grandson, I was nominated Mayor of the town I live in twice. Which has never happened before or since. I received an MBE from Queen Elizabeth personally for my contribution to the area I live within. I [...]

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Taking Life Back

Dear Rainbow. Since going through The Self Discovery Flow about my feelings and health, I do feel a lot more positive and can now say “NO”!!! Finally in 80 years of my life. when I don t want to do certain things. Again, since I have had my heart operation my health has improved a great deal. I now feel like I can take my own life back and do more things spontaneously and [...]

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Recovery and Love

I decided to go through  a great experience  through the self discovery flow with love and without hesitation, this is what I felt, and it was the first time in my life that I decided something without hesitation.  I was suffering from extreme anger, irritability for the slightest reason, and many traumas since childhood hindering my progress.  I also suffered [...]

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Beyond Therapy!

How to review my experience with Rainbow Warrior.. Colorful, fun, unconditional, safe, beautiful, eye opening, insightful, freeing, more flowing and grateful are the adjectives to describe how I felt during and after my flow session with Rainbow. This session was very pleasant and easy going for me who usually finds it hard to open up. When you arrive, here’s what [...]

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Wonder Woman

I got reconnected with the most fantastic person today! It’s hard to believe that I’ve been out of touch for so long, considering all we’ve been through together! She’s my best friend, biggest supporter, wildest inspiration, and the only company I need on a lonely night. The Self Discovery Flow reawakened the part of me that didn’t require validation and [...]

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Healing Mind, Body and Soul

I embarked on my journey of transformation following a significant event that changed my life three years ago. Following this; I had discovered that in order for me to move forward in my life I had to make many courageous steps forward with healing my inner world – mind, body and soul. I am humbly grateful and can confirm my [...]

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Life On My Terms

I write this review in the hope that it finds souls who are lost and buried under all the suppressed traumas and experiences that has hold of them as all my own had me buried for many years . I grew up in a very catholic family and a very catholic area . I always felt I didn’t fit in [...]

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Grateful Soul

“Where do I start? The moment I met Rainbow I knew that it was aligned for me to go through the flow with him. We shared a few messages about our life experiences and that led us to jumping on a call. I remember on that call he asked me how I felt, then he asked me how I really [...]

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Found My Strength

During my Self Discovery Flow. Rainbow helped me realise me strengths from the pain and horrible experiences I faced in my early childhood. The Self Discovery Flow was a beautiful journey that took around 3 hours. I was peacefully & gracefully invited to the flow by Rainbow. Prior to my session I noticed I was feeling low and negative. Being easily [...]

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Living In Flow

Dear Rainbow Warrior, Words cannot express the depth of gratitude and appreciation I feel for the profound impact you have had on my life. Through your wisdom and gifted soul, you have guided me on a journey of self-discovery that has forever transformed my existence. Since embracing the teachings of the Self Discovery Flow, my life has taken on a [...]

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Feeling Energized

I was taken through a healing process called Self Discovery Flow by Rainbow Warrior. At that time I was feeling tired and drained by many commitments. My energy levels were low and I was struggling to complete all that I had before me. It was just 10 days prior to the start of Peace Week 2022, a major event I [...]

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Finally Falling In Place

Three weeks ago I did the reconnection flow session with Rainbow Warrior. I was nervous at first because I didn’t know what to expect. To share a little bit about myself. I am a mother and a grandmother of 2 grandsons. But I am also a survivor of abuse every way shape and form. Although I had overcome a majority of the [...]

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It Was Effervescent

Last year I participated in Rainbow Warrior’s Flow. It was effervescent. It was a dynamic release of years stuck trauma that started in early childhood but was so gently moved that I barely felt it. After this incredible healing process, I became more aligned and truly able to clear mind body and soul. It was, in my opinion the singular [...]

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Who Is Rainbow?

Rainbow has served as the Director of a non-profit supporting victims of serious crime/trauma, working mainly with the Criminal Justice System for nearly 25 years.

He worked 7 years as a volunteer with Victim Support, working mainly again with victims of serious crime including Domestic Violence/ Abuse. He is also a qualified facilitator & trainer in Restorative Justice processes. This included training police officers, judges, case managers, social workers as well as victims and offenders.

Rainbow was involved in The Victims Charter. The first legal legislation in the UK giving Victims of crime statutory rights. Working within the UK prison & Probation services and speaking on media platform such as the BBC Radio show on all of the above. Taking impact statements for court and assisting were required with Criminal Injuries Compensation legislation. Working with both the victim/s & offender/s of crime to then eventually facilitate a meeting with all parties involved. This was as a Victim Liaison Officer within the Youth Offending Service. Rainbow was previously involved with supporting families of murdered children. Equally when you work in the field for so long, friends and friends of friends contact you for support regularly too.

Once Rainbow got back into his Flow State, he could see the route which got him Ito flow. And because of a huge amount of experience over a lengthy & varied career. Was able to create The Self Discovery Flow. So dedicated to this for around 2 & a half years.

In addition to his work experience, Rainbow himself was a survivor of an unprovoked attempted murder attack. This is the reason he then became fully dedicated to both victims & offenders of serious crime. In regards to serious trauma/mental health.

He is the Author of The Synchronicity of Coincidence, Newly available. This book is an auto-biography that takes the reader through a variety of life experiences that speak to universal messages we all receive in the form of energetic synchronicities – some quite astounding.

After Rainbow’s own traumatic experience he found he was gifted with universal knowledge, which is also called claircognizance. This knowing typically comes out in the form of Rainbow’s unique “Flowetry”, which can only be described as rhythmic messages from divine consciousness.

To book your appointment you will need to confirm date/time with Rainbow and provide the required deposit to hold your space open in his schedule.

Contact Rainbow