Beyond Therapy!

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How to review my experience with Rainbow Warrior..

Colorful, fun, unconditional, safe, beautiful, eye opening, insightful, freeing, more flowing and grateful are the adjectives to describe how I felt during and after my flow session with Rainbow.

This session was very pleasant and easy going for me who usually finds it hard to open up.

When you arrive, here’s what you can expect:

Your session begins with instructions to sit relaxed with a blank paper, crayons and/or any color pencils; basically anything like this to be able to scribble and draw on a paper. That’s all!

When you get started, it’s just magic. Rainbow makes you feel so comfortable, it is hard to describe, but it’s his energy and his full, non judgemental and caring attention for you, gives you the most comfortable and safe feeling you’ll ever experience. All of his intentional energy makes you literally flow into magic and personal insights.

Within one session with Rainbow, you will have surpassed many high quality therapy-hours with counselors.

While being on the journey of healing yourself, you eventually begin to realize that the reason for how we respond in certain situations is connected to the traumas we have experienced in our past.  We can often guess or sense why we act in an undesirable way or lose our natural flow, but the real challenge is to discover those forgotten or overseen experiences in our very early years that are actually the root and key to unlocking and freeing yourself!

Just one amazing session with Rainbow and you will have received the gift of discovering the roots and causes of personal issues while topping it off by seeing yourself from a whole new perspective – as if you learn to meet yourself again!

We often work with therapy, courses, or retreats. Apart from how beneficial they can help, they still can be experienced as “work” or an intense emotional effort.
This is anything but that.

Just a few crayons and a blanco paper in front of you, and you just have Rainbow Warrior letting the magic happen, while you answer very simple questions asked in the most relaxed, comfortable and warm way you can imagine.

Forever grateful ❤️