Putting Me First

joyful indian blind man in orange jacket sitting outside on bench with walking stick and glasses

I had to be treated for cancer in 2008 then another strain in 2018.

I raised now adult kids and I have a grandson, I was nominated Mayor of the town I live in twice. Which has never happened before or since.
I received an MBE from Queen Elizabeth personally for my contribution to the area I live within.
I also suffered two brain aneurisms on November 2017.
And I’m now clinically blind. Although I run a clinic supporting those who need it in the local community, such as victims of crime and or struggling generally with no where to go.

Just before going through the Self Discovery Flow. I would have to say I was always worrying. So very stressful but couldn’t work out why. Okay I have been through challenges, no doubt. But thinking all the time about the same old things. It really gets you down.

And makes you feel rather stressful, because you don’t want all this thinking.
You just want your head to think. I don’t want this. And I couldn’t just get rid of it.
So all the health problems have taken a toll on my body. And left my feeling. Why me.
Still going strong. God willing.

Worry was getting me down night & day. About everyone & everything. I just couldn’t let go.
I just kept wondering. Why can’t I stop this because the past is past. So it’s gone!

Going through The Self Discovery Flow.

I was a bit apprehensive. Even though myself & Rainbow have been close friends for nearly two decades.
Like worried what would come out of it.but once I got going with the help of Rainbow Worrior. It just all seemed to fall into place. So suddenly you have that connection and reasons why and you feel gosh, I’ve let go of everything.

I just smile for no reasons now, I waken everyday with a smile on my face and loving life in flow. Since going through The Self Discovery. It’s been great.

Because I feel I no longer have to worry about anyone else or anything else. Those who need me. I’m there for them but I no longer am burdened by it. I just feel great. I stopped thinking about others. That’s gone.
Just thinking about the future as it unfolds in the flow.

I love it, I’m absolutely loving it.
Pretty much completely worry free. Occasionally slight concern about things that might be happening. You might if something’s going on with your child or grandchild but I just don’t take on that burden anymore.

Previously I was very good at taking ever bodies burdens on my shoulders. But now I don’t. With the support work I do for those in the community. When I leave in the evening. I no longer bring it home. It stays there until I return.

I realised I had to be selfish. I’m not a selfish person as everyone knows who know me. Quite the opposite.so instead of looking after everyone and never really myself. I can now put me first by looking after me. Then everyone else.

I strongly recommend anyone 101% going through the amazing Self Discovery Flow.  Thank you Rainbow Worrior.