Transformative Revelations

Happy man relaxing in winter

Your wisdom, echoed in transformative revelations – where the rhythmic sound of your voice was unveiling.. a melody within myself. This melody was long muted by the cacophony of external judgements and inner turmoil.

The seemingly effortless way, in which you were turning abstract concepts into lived experiences, stating them in such a way that for once, the chatter of my mind was agreeing turn off. (Well, atleast for a moment here and there đŸ˜‰
The eternal battle between the logical and creative facets of my mind was laid bare, and in that vulnerability, the path to harmony and unity became illuminated.

Your guided journey to shift from the ‘backseat’ of the cognitive to the empowered state of frontal awareness unlocked a sanctuary of self-reclaiming. Every word, every moment of our conversations was like a stepping stone, into self-realization. I decided to go through this process the only way I felt fitting for myself. Turning every stone on the way – assuring this process was installed in every aspect of myself.

I know this is not what you would recommend, I am emphasizing this to others that might be reading this also. I would have saved a lot of time and effort, not being so stubborn on this point. Then again, I might sit here now with a totally different insight. Here is where I could finally let go you see – I do not need the answer to this question… ironically.