Recovery and Love

Outdoor portrait of adult happy loving hugging couple

I decided to go through  a great experience  through the self discovery flow with love and without hesitation, this is what I felt, and it was the first time in my life that I decided something without hesitation.  I was suffering from extreme anger, irritability for the slightest reason, and many traumas since childhood hindering my progress.  I also suffered a lot from being attached to people that caused me pain, during the session with Rainbow I felt recovery and love fills my heart and all over my body.
I felt connected to the source again, and many things changed in my life.. The most important thing that was making me tired and suffering  was my children, but I understood their message in my life and I also understood the secret of the existence of energy in dealing with them, all of which lies in frequencies and vibrations.
As he taught me , as guitar in the room ????????,  I am really so grateful to Rainbow because he helped me so much to understanding things I didn’t know before, and I am so grateful for the love and healing energy he was sending to me ???????? may God please you