Found My Strength

Family of five having fun outside at dusk

During my Self Discovery Flow. Rainbow helped me realise me strengths from the pain and horrible experiences I faced in my early childhood.

The Self Discovery Flow was a beautiful journey that took around 3 hours.

I was peacefully & gracefully invited to the flow by Rainbow.

Prior to my session I noticed I was feeling low and negative. Being easily triggered into anger by simple daily things, I didn’t know why.
I realized that I was suffering from all my trauma from my childhood suddenly was realized because I was facing difficulties in my life.

I felt life was moving against me but Rainbows helped me realize that life was never against, instead life was made for me!

After the Self Discovery Flow, I felt lighter and positive, and I felt that all the blocks and heavy load were gone.
I realized that all the heavy loads were thoughts in my head, Rainbow helped forgive and live my current life.

Since my life has been smoother. And the flow helped me find my strengths to live my life happily.

I could see the gifts life constantly offering me and started embracing them. My family and husband saw a big difference in me after the Self Discovery Flow. And I started recommending friends and family to contact Rainbow to start their flow.

I never thought I would be this accepting and positive to my life as I am after the session with Rainbow.

Thank you Rainbow for making me a much happier person