eBook: The Synchronicity of Coincidence


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The Synchronicity of Coincidence was originally written just over 7 years ago. This book contains my life’s journey covering many experiences, such as an unprovoked attempted murder attack, a death experience, being caught speeding, and a trip to Peru in order to attend the infamous Ayahuasca ceremonies. These experiences while seemingly unrelated, have helped me on my journey to make sense of life.

Coincidence is more an observation in terms. When two unexpected things (or people) co-inside at just the right time, having a profound effect on an individual, or community or globally. Some 4 year on, what’s explained in this book lead me Synchronistically back into my flow state. Because of my wealth of direct & indirect understanding, I then created “The Self Discovery Flow” in order to assist anyone back into their natural flow state.

I wish I had had a book like this many years ago to bring me closer to my flow much younger. Many thanks for considering purchasing my eBook. I’m sure it will assist you on your journey. ? One love.