Graced by the Gods

Beautiful sky background.

Life before the soul flow was quite spectacular. I had been moving through the motions at my own pace, although I was plagued with a continual cycle of meeting new friends and communities of people only for the relationship to end or somewhat self destruct by the following March-April.

Graced by the gods, I received this Soul Discovery Flow in March of 2023. And, after completing the journey with Rainbow Worrior, I can say that these cyclical, annual patterns of gain and lose— as it pertains to new friends and lost ones— has entirely phased out.

Together, Rainbow & I dove deep into my childhood memories with compassion and trust to share openly about my trauma and lived experiences without fear, shame, guilt or doubt.

After the Soul Flow, I find myself being able to rewrite the stories we far too often find ourselves telling one another surrounding victimization and positions of power. I know that going through the Soul Flow with Rainbow was truly a gift from the Heavens and the power of its potential has only blossomed since completing the journey. I highly recommend that anyone seeking to reconnect with their inner child and heal wounds surrounding stagnancy and negative time loops contacts Rainbow Worrior to book a session with him TODAY!

Thank you Rainbow for all of the Magic you’ve reflected to me (:)