Finally Falling In Place

Grandmother and mother at the beach

Three weeks ago I did the reconnection flow session with Rainbow Warrior. I was nervous at first because I didn’t know what to expect. To share a little bit about myself. I am a mother and a grandmother of 2 grandsons. But I am also a survivor of abuse every way shape and form. Although I had overcome a majority of the Trauma I found myself coming back to feeling stuck repetitively. Id focus on what I was doing but I’d end up at stuck no matter what way I went. Even after doing a lot of work I still found myself overthinking, and worrying  which caused a lot of restless to sleepless nights. I struggled to listen to meditation. I also found myself eating a lot of unhealthy food because it was more convenient. Rainbow did the reconnection flow with Art therapy which is a very unique process and something that I have not been able to explain because it is so different to anything I have done before but can only describe it as magic. Since I have had the reconnection flow done I have had clarity, great things have just shown up that otherwise weren’t previously. I started eating better there was no thought to i. I just did. I’ve had fantastic nights sleep and can actually listen to meditation without thinking. Previously I couldn’t even concentrate listening to meditation. What Rainbow does is phenomenal there’s no other way to describe it and in fact his technique is so unique I couldn’t even explain it to people. All I know is that this process works. Not could work, might work, but it definitely does work. I recommend the reconnection flow to anyone who wants to be free from the chaos of the mind and who want inner peace. I recommend it to those who have dreams but for some reason keep falling short of them becoming a reality. The best part I love the most about the reconnection flow process is that things that seemed like they were impossible to grasp before have just started showing up without having to do anything. I am so excited about my future. Thank-you so much Rainbow this process has changed my life forever. I am so grateful that we connected and I had the opportunity to go through the reconnection flow process with you. Thankyou. God Bless you. Lots a love ????????????❤️????????????