Goodbye Self Sabotage

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I had the pleasure and honor of working with Rainbow Warrior recently as I was attempting to work through some childhood traumas that were still affecting me today. Just having had my 55th birthday and knowing I needed to get help in understanding how the deepest hurts, traumas and attitudes have been affecting how I show up in the world. These attitudes held me back from living my full life in joy, in loving  and accepting myself. I had been to counsel using western psychological professionals and still this was unsuccessful in helping  these deeply rooted ideas and beliefs I had not shed. I was deflecting, using disassociating behavior…

I was deflecting, using disassociating behavior to get through the ongoing abuse and trauma which continued to be part of my life until age 50. These began in my very early childhood as early as four years or before. I was finally helped by Rainbow who assisted me through a psychological art therapy technique he had developed.

This technique lifted layers of self sabotaging behavior, extremely critical attitudes toward self and therefore affecting every aspect of how I expressed my personality and behavior. It showed me why and how and uncovered  these so that I could finally process and release these attitudes. This is not to say anything about my intellect, my work ethic, my ability to achieve success, however it most definitely affected how hard I had to work to overcome the things I faced throughout my life.

I cannot emphasize enough how these beliefs were woven through the very fabric of who I was. After this was worked through using Rainbow’s technique , and I released through understanding I have been so greatly improved in all aspects of self.. That awareness has lead me to clear old habits, make changes in how I see myself and changed how I present myself to the world. It will have a trickle affect into other people lives, including my children, family and my friends as I believe we have a great affect on those around us and in the world. As I changed and set a very different example for others to follow I have bore witness to that very thing. The way I speak, think and treat myself is forever changed. Most importantly, I see the strength, power and perception that is allowing me to be in greater joy, happiness and leading as a much more confident self.

This is all due to Rainbow Warriors Humanitarian efforts, willingness and the desire to help. Also, his love for helping people in the world. It is with the greatest respect, admiration, gratitude and humility I had a great desire to share my experiences with others through this testimonial of my experience. I would not only wholeheartedly recommend this technique, I implore others to see the value as I wasted so much time, money and resources prior to this and I feel with this technique that could be avoided. It is common in my experience for people to run out of patience, resources and faith in the current failing system and this helped me greatly without all of that negative experience.