My Soul’s Song

Happy Woman Outdoors

You do know how much I like a good cliche…
The words, that you can not love someone else until you learn to love yourself – now has a whole new multiverse of meanings in it. Even the smallest gesture given to someone else, feels so remarkably different.

Thank you, for this journey, it is truly still leading me. The harmony of your insights and my self-connection, I’ve not just heard, but felt my soul’s song.

After reconnecting with a friend and seeing how the Self Discovery journey had changed her life, I decided to work with Rainbow on my own Self-Discovery journey.

At the time of our session, I was living in fear of life, in extreme anxiety, and super stressed. Life was not going well: I had lost my job; I didn’t seem to find luck in my love life (even though I had a brand-new relationship with this nice guy) I was very dissatisfied in general, I definitely needed a change, but wasn’t sure what was needed.

During the session, Rainbow helped me see how I had created a prison to protect myself, my thoughts and emotions were literally impacting my body. I had stopped doing things that brought me joy, I thought I wasn’t deserving of love. It became evident to me, I had spent a lifetime thinking something was wrong with me, where love was foreign, and I thought I was nobody.

After the Self-Discovery journey, my world has literally transformed and the misery that once consumed me has become absolute love and bliss. My stress and anxiety are almost completely gone, my relationship with my adult son has improved so dramatically that he now wants to spend time with me regularly (whereas before we were always bumping heads); my job search and interviews have become effortless, and my romantic relationship is naturally flourishing into the relationship I’ve always wanted.