Taking Life Back

happy old woman climbs mountains

Dear Rainbow.

Since going through The Self Discovery Flow about my feelings and health, I do feel a lot more positive and can now say “NO”!!! Finally in 80 years of my life. when I don t want to do certain things.

Again, since I have had my heart operation my health has improved a great deal. I now feel like I can take my own life back and do more things spontaneously and not be so reliant on other people. I obviously still rely a great deal on my husband but that is because of my disabilities and not my mental state.

I have gained a lot more self-reliance after Going through The Self Discovery Flow with you and I thank you for that, and I can now see other people’s point of view. Thanks once again you are a true empath and seer.

I would highly recommend you in helping people finding peace and well-being.

Love ????