Grateful Soul

Happy people. Carefree asian girl dancing and enjoying the walk in park, feeling happiness and joy

“Where do I start? The moment I met Rainbow I knew that it was aligned for me to go through the flow with him. We shared a few messages about our life experiences and that led us to jumping on a call.

I remember on that call he asked me how I felt, then he asked me how I really felt and that second time hit my soul. Inside my soul was crying for help but my mind had been programmed not to see it.

I broke down to him as for 40 years of my life I had lived inside my cranium blocking out all of the bad things that had happened to me and the traumas I had experienced that I never dealt with. We all do it, we all put things into that filing cabinet in our mind, we never feel, we ignore. Then someone triggers us right back into that feeling or memory that we ignored and BOOM we are back to that place again that we buried. Especially when we are not awake.

I knew there was something magical about this man, he was here to help me figure out where I was going, why I couldn’t make sense of my current life and from that moment forward I made the instant decision to say yes to the flow.

The day I had my Self Discovery flow I remember being confused and frustrated, my mind wanted to not believe this was possible as I couldn’t remember my old memories initially.

Rainbow calmed me down, for any of you who have heard him speak you will know exactly what I mean. He has a way of speaking, a charisma, to you which brings out everything in you that you have always wanted to feel.

Every conversation feels like it could last forever and that wouldn’t be long enough. He is the only person that I have ever met where several hours chat seemed like an hour haha! All through the flow my mind wanted to fight it, I am someone who always likes to know what’s coming next, I guess you could say I always like to figure things out and know the path before I walk it. Then I finally gave in, relaxed and let go, it was magical, I started to see the synchronicities unfold. I remember boiling the kettle and for the first time I noticed the steam hitting my roof, a spider running along my floor and I wasn’t petrified, it was me, it was a part of me. I left it running along the floor doing it’s thing.

The following day I spent upset in happy tears as all of the emotions I had held in for all of those years were finally released. I let them flow, I was finally free from the prison of my mind and it felt exhilarating. I was unstoppable. I knew I had a purpose.

I sat watching Netflix for the first time in over a year, watching Tarzan, Aquaman and the Matrix. Synchronicities led me to them and they couldn’t have been more on point. I can’t remember the last day I had in bed feeling my feelings, being okay with them and watching films. It was bliss.

From there I started seeing numbers 11:11, 12:12, 13:13, all the 8’s, 5’s, 3’s… I was noticing more wildlife, creatures, patterns, beautiful skies, moons and pulsating energy in my body.

Not only that, I now see we are designed to be free, god, the universe whatever your belief may be, we are supposed to help the world with our gifts and show them how magical and amazingly amazing life is when we follow our resonance.

Myself and Rainbow have a very rare and strong connection, I have never had a friendship like it. We are moving in the same direction, our stories are very similar and I believe the universe has aligned us as we both have important missions to complete that we will do together.

I am writing this testimony for the person who will not make the decision to choose you. Do it!! We spend hundreds of pounds on things that are bad for us, yet no one in the world will spend money on them or their health?

Do not wait until 40 years old to see how beautiful life really is in the flow. Your soul will be grateful that you chose to see the truth.