Feeling Energized

Man doing beach yoga at dusk

I was taken through a healing process called Self Discovery Flow by Rainbow Warrior. At that time I was feeling tired and drained by many commitments. My energy levels were low and I was struggling to complete all that I had before me. It was just 10 days prior to the start of Peace Week 2022, a major event I was involved in delivering with many organizations involved world-wide. I remember at the time, not really feeling “in the mood” to do the session with Rainbow.

The session lasted several hours and explored some parts of my history and upbringing, gently and compassionately. Rainbow then guided me through some art therapy and some guided meditations, all designed to “get back in the flow”.

There were some great breakthroughs and I left the session feeling highly energetic and powerfully inspired. This feeling of well-being and flow-state remained with me throughout the coming weeks and months, and helped me to attain peak energy leading up to and throughout Peace Week, to my great joy & satisfaction.

I would recommend Rainbow Warrior and this process “Self Discovery Flow” to anyone who is feeling below their best. Rainbow is a skilled and compassionate guide and facilitator and the process is healing, graceful, uplifting and energizing.

With gratitude and love