Life On My Terms

Gay man in the countryside with LGBT flag raised

I write this review in the hope that it finds souls who are lost and buried under all the suppressed traumas and experiences that has hold of them as all my own had me buried for many years . I grew up in a very catholic family and a very catholic area . I always felt I didn’t fit in and being gay was a struggle in its self to be facing on a daily basis . The struggle seemed to escalate way faster that my age and without knowing for year I was completely lost . I lived many different personalities to fit in with many different people doing many different things that I really deep down didn’t want to do . But I just guessed that’s the world we are told to live in these days right ?   Absolutely not !!! Rainbows Self Discovery flow has really and truly guided me back to the pure me and literally pulled myself back to the surface to live life again on my terms . Happy, free , forever evolving, flowing and growing. A very close soul to me referred me to rainbow after she had being taken through the flow and I to obviously noticed the shifts in her energy and the rapid changes in her life so I knew and I felt I that this was brought to me by faith . My flow was actually pretty fast towards some souls but when I say shift I mean SHIFT!!!     It’s absolutely magical how we can grow when we let go and the only way to know is go through the flow ????????????❤️ Things in my life just keep happening. I am allowing instead of trying and the beauty continues to flow . I’m happy, confident, free and me . I lost who I was at a very young age and I strongly know (not believe) I know that the majority of people do lose their true self because of unresolved trauma. My advice to anyone on this planet is take this time to yourself and allow rainbow to guide you back to where your soul got disconnected. I promise on my soul to yours that your freedom and happiness is waiting on you to come back and reconnect . As soon as you get reconnected you immediately start to see , understand and live as who you are here to be . Rainbow worrier I am forever extremely grateful for your ongoing service to this world . Bless you with all my heart . I love you and thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️Namaste