It Was Effervescent

Jumping for joy

Last year I participated in Rainbow Warrior’s Flow. It was effervescent. It was a dynamic release of years stuck trauma that started in early childhood but was so gently moved that I barely felt it. After this incredible healing process, I became more aligned and truly able to clear mind body and soul. It was, in my opinion the singular event that had me change so many things, how I view the world, my roll in it, my worth, the ability to set new stronger boundaries, to move from a good idea that side tracked me from my mission back to the flow of what I’m truly here to share, even opening to the acceptance that we need money to live in this 3D construct. Thank you Rainbow, from the bottom of my soul for your incredible work!

J is for Joy, Julie from Readfield, ME USA

Finally Falling In Place

Grandmother and mother at the beach

Three weeks ago I did the reconnection flow session with Rainbow Warrior. I was nervous at first because I didn’t know what to expect. To share a little bit about myself. I am a mother and a grandmother of 2 grandsons. But I am also a survivor of abuse every way shape and form. Although I had overcome a majority of the Trauma I found myself coming back to feeling stuck repetitively. Id focus on what I was doing but I’d end up at stuck no matter what way I went. Even after doing a lot of work I still found myself overthinking, and worrying  which caused a lot of restless to sleepless nights. I struggled to listen to meditation. I also found myself eating a lot of unhealthy food because it was more convenient. Rainbow did the reconnection flow with Art therapy which is a very unique process and something that I have not been able to explain because it is so different to anything I have done before but can only describe it as magic. Since I have had the reconnection flow done I have had clarity, great things have just shown up that otherwise weren’t previously. I started eating better there was no thought to i. I just did. I’ve had fantastic nights sleep and can actually listen to meditation without thinking. Previously I couldn’t even concentrate listening to meditation. What Rainbow does is phenomenal there’s no other way to describe it and in fact his technique is so unique I couldn’t even explain it to people. All I know is that this process works. Not could work, might work, but it definitely does work. I recommend the reconnection flow to anyone who wants to be free from the chaos of the mind and who want inner peace. I recommend it to those who have dreams but for some reason keep falling short of them becoming a reality. The best part I love the most about the reconnection flow process is that things that seemed like they were impossible to grasp before have just started showing up without having to do anything. I am so excited about my future. Thank-you so much Rainbow this process has changed my life forever. I am so grateful that we connected and I had the opportunity to go through the reconnection flow process with you. Thankyou. God Bless you. Lots a love ????????????❤️????????????

Feeling Energized

Man doing beach yoga at dusk

I was taken through a healing process called Self Discovery Flow by Rainbow Warrior. At that time I was feeling tired and drained by many commitments. My energy levels were low and I was struggling to complete all that I had before me. It was just 10 days prior to the start of Peace Week 2022, a major event I was involved in delivering with many organizations involved world-wide. I remember at the time, not really feeling “in the mood” to do the session with Rainbow.

The session lasted several hours and explored some parts of my history and upbringing, gently and compassionately. Rainbow then guided me through some art therapy and some guided meditations, all designed to “get back in the flow”.

There were some great breakthroughs and I left the session feeling highly energetic and powerfully inspired. This feeling of well-being and flow-state remained with me throughout the coming weeks and months, and helped me to attain peak energy leading up to and throughout Peace Week, to my great joy & satisfaction.

I would recommend Rainbow Warrior and this process “Self Discovery Flow” to anyone who is feeling below their best. Rainbow is a skilled and compassionate guide and facilitator and the process is healing, graceful, uplifting and energizing.

With gratitude and love

Living In Flow

Happy senior businesswoman working at corporate office and looking at camera.

Dear Rainbow Warrior,

Words cannot express the depth of gratitude and appreciation I feel for the profound impact you have had on my life. Through your wisdom and gifted soul, you have guided me on a journey of self-discovery that has forever transformed my existence.

Since embracing the teachings of the Self Discovery Flow, my life has taken on a new and awe-inspiring dimension. The synchronistic and extraordinary changes I have experienced are nothing short of miraculous. It is as if the universe itself has conspired to align with my deepest desires and aspirations.

One of the most profound lessons I have learned from you is the power of living in the flow. I have come to understand that there is no need to force things or struggle against the current of life. Instead, by surrendering to the innate wisdom of my soul, I have witnessed how everything effortlessly falls into place. It is a reminder that we are all connected to a greater universal intelligence, and when we trust in this divine order, magic happens.

Not only has my personal life undergone a beautiful transformation, but my business has flourished as well. By embracing the principles of the Self Discovery Flow, I have discovered a newfound clarity, purpose, and authenticity in my work. As a result, my business has thrived, attracting abundance and opportunities beyond my wildest dreams.

Your guidance has not only touched my professional life but has also had a profound impact on my personal relationships. By honoring my true self and living in alignment with my soul’s purpose, I have experienced deeper connections and more meaningful interactions with others. The love and harmony that now radiate from my relationships are a testament to the incredible wisdom you have shared.

In humble gratitude, I extend my heartfelt appreciation to you, Rainbow Warrior. Your teachings have opened my eyes to the wonders and possibilities that exist within and around me. I wholeheartedly recommend your transformative work to anyone seeking to unlock the extraordinary potential within themselves. Your wisdom is a gift to be cherished, and I am forever grateful for the miracles you have brought into my life.

With boundless admiration and gratitude,

Found My Strength

Family of five having fun outside at dusk

During my Self Discovery Flow. Rainbow helped me realise me strengths from the pain and horrible experiences I faced in my early childhood.

The Self Discovery Flow was a beautiful journey that took around 3 hours.

I was peacefully & gracefully invited to the flow by Rainbow.

Prior to my session I noticed I was feeling low and negative. Being easily triggered into anger by simple daily things, I didn’t know why.
I realized that I was suffering from all my trauma from my childhood suddenly was realized because I was facing difficulties in my life.

I felt life was moving against me but Rainbows helped me realize that life was never against, instead life was made for me!

After the Self Discovery Flow, I felt lighter and positive, and I felt that all the blocks and heavy load were gone.
I realized that all the heavy loads were thoughts in my head, Rainbow helped forgive and live my current life.

Since my life has been smoother. And the flow helped me find my strengths to live my life happily.

I could see the gifts life constantly offering me and started embracing them. My family and husband saw a big difference in me after the Self Discovery Flow. And I started recommending friends and family to contact Rainbow to start their flow.

I never thought I would be this accepting and positive to my life as I am after the session with Rainbow.

Thank you Rainbow for making me a much happier person

Grateful Soul

Happy people. Carefree asian girl dancing and enjoying the walk in park, feeling happiness and joy

“Where do I start? The moment I met Rainbow I knew that it was aligned for me to go through the flow with him. We shared a few messages about our life experiences and that led us to jumping on a call.

I remember on that call he asked me how I felt, then he asked me how I really felt and that second time hit my soul. Inside my soul was crying for help but my mind had been programmed not to see it.

I broke down to him as for 40 years of my life I had lived inside my cranium blocking out all of the bad things that had happened to me and the traumas I had experienced that I never dealt with. We all do it, we all put things into that filing cabinet in our mind, we never feel, we ignore. Then someone triggers us right back into that feeling or memory that we ignored and BOOM we are back to that place again that we buried. Especially when we are not awake.

I knew there was something magical about this man, he was here to help me figure out where I was going, why I couldn’t make sense of my current life and from that moment forward I made the instant decision to say yes to the flow.

The day I had my Self Discovery flow I remember being confused and frustrated, my mind wanted to not believe this was possible as I couldn’t remember my old memories initially.

Rainbow calmed me down, for any of you who have heard him speak you will know exactly what I mean. He has a way of speaking, a charisma, to you which brings out everything in you that you have always wanted to feel.

Every conversation feels like it could last forever and that wouldn’t be long enough. He is the only person that I have ever met where several hours chat seemed like an hour haha! All through the flow my mind wanted to fight it, I am someone who always likes to know what’s coming next, I guess you could say I always like to figure things out and know the path before I walk it. Then I finally gave in, relaxed and let go, it was magical, I started to see the synchronicities unfold. I remember boiling the kettle and for the first time I noticed the steam hitting my roof, a spider running along my floor and I wasn’t petrified, it was me, it was a part of me. I left it running along the floor doing it’s thing.

The following day I spent upset in happy tears as all of the emotions I had held in for all of those years were finally released. I let them flow, I was finally free from the prison of my mind and it felt exhilarating. I was unstoppable. I knew I had a purpose.

I sat watching Netflix for the first time in over a year, watching Tarzan, Aquaman and the Matrix. Synchronicities led me to them and they couldn’t have been more on point. I can’t remember the last day I had in bed feeling my feelings, being okay with them and watching films. It was bliss.

From there I started seeing numbers 11:11, 12:12, 13:13, all the 8’s, 5’s, 3’s… I was noticing more wildlife, creatures, patterns, beautiful skies, moons and pulsating energy in my body.

Not only that, I now see we are designed to be free, god, the universe whatever your belief may be, we are supposed to help the world with our gifts and show them how magical and amazingly amazing life is when we follow our resonance.

Myself and Rainbow have a very rare and strong connection, I have never had a friendship like it. We are moving in the same direction, our stories are very similar and I believe the universe has aligned us as we both have important missions to complete that we will do together.

I am writing this testimony for the person who will not make the decision to choose you. Do it!! We spend hundreds of pounds on things that are bad for us, yet no one in the world will spend money on them or their health?

Do not wait until 40 years old to see how beautiful life really is in the flow. Your soul will be grateful that you chose to see the truth.


Life On My Terms

Gay man in the countryside with LGBT flag raised

I write this review in the hope that it finds souls who are lost and buried under all the suppressed traumas and experiences that has hold of them as all my own had me buried for many years . I grew up in a very catholic family and a very catholic area . I always felt I didn’t fit in and being gay was a struggle in its self to be facing on a daily basis . The struggle seemed to escalate way faster that my age and without knowing for year I was completely lost . I lived many different personalities to fit in with many different people doing many different things that I really deep down didn’t want to do . But I just guessed that’s the world we are told to live in these days right ?   Absolutely not !!! Rainbows Self Discovery flow has really and truly guided me back to the pure me and literally pulled myself back to the surface to live life again on my terms . Happy, free , forever evolving, flowing and growing. A very close soul to me referred me to rainbow after she had being taken through the flow and I to obviously noticed the shifts in her energy and the rapid changes in her life so I knew and I felt I that this was brought to me by faith . My flow was actually pretty fast towards some souls but when I say shift I mean SHIFT!!!     It’s absolutely magical how we can grow when we let go and the only way to know is go through the flow ????????????❤️ Things in my life just keep happening. I am allowing instead of trying and the beauty continues to flow . I’m happy, confident, free and me . I lost who I was at a very young age and I strongly know (not believe) I know that the majority of people do lose their true self because of unresolved trauma. My advice to anyone on this planet is take this time to yourself and allow rainbow to guide you back to where your soul got disconnected. I promise on my soul to yours that your freedom and happiness is waiting on you to come back and reconnect . As soon as you get reconnected you immediately start to see , understand and live as who you are here to be . Rainbow worrier I am forever extremely grateful for your ongoing service to this world . Bless you with all my heart . I love you and thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️Namaste

Healing Mind, Body and Soul

A young Asian woman with a backpack hiking in the summer.

I embarked on my journey of transformation following a significant event that changed my life three years ago. Following this; I had discovered that in order for me to move forward in my life I had to make many courageous steps forward with healing my inner world – mind, body and soul.

I am humbly grateful and can confirm my life has changed dramatically after making my
initial connection with Rainbow Worrior. There have been so many synchronicities that have
occurred since we met and I can only describe the feeling as absolute bliss and contentment.
I have gone through the Rainbow Flow which was a very important part of my holistic reconnection. There have been a few healing processes and modalities that I have done over the past few years but this reconnection flow was very unique.
Rainbow has a special gift and the ability to connect with you on a different level. I felt at ease  speaking with him through the process and he has a great rapport with those he deals with.
Rainbow has taken me from a state of merely existing to living my life once again.
Despite the many challenges and struggles I have endured on my journey thus far; I am
so excited and look forward to what the next chapter of my life has in store for me.

I would highly recommend this Self Discovery Flow with Rainbow and would like to say a heartfelt Thank You to you Rainbow for making such a positive and beautiful change in my life.

Many blessings to you

Wonder Woman

Female friends outdoor on daybeds enjoying autumn sunlight

I got reconnected with the most fantastic person today! It’s hard to believe that I’ve been out of touch for so long, considering all we’ve been through together! She’s my best friend, biggest supporter, wildest inspiration, and the only company I need on a lonely night. The Self Discovery Flow reawakened the part of me that didn’t require validation and saw Wonder Woman when she looked in the mirror. Thank you, Rainbow Worrior, for reminding me to listen and speak from my soul. The Self Discovery Flow has made me whole.

Beyond Therapy!

Woman usign phone

How to review my experience with Rainbow Warrior..

Colorful, fun, unconditional, safe, beautiful, eye opening, insightful, freeing, more flowing and grateful are the adjectives to describe how I felt during and after my flow session with Rainbow.

This session was very pleasant and easy going for me who usually finds it hard to open up.

When you arrive, here’s what you can expect:

Your session begins with instructions to sit relaxed with a blank paper, crayons and/or any color pencils; basically anything like this to be able to scribble and draw on a paper. That’s all!

When you get started, it’s just magic. Rainbow makes you feel so comfortable, it is hard to describe, but it’s his energy and his full, non judgemental and caring attention for you, gives you the most comfortable and safe feeling you’ll ever experience. All of his intentional energy makes you literally flow into magic and personal insights.

Within one session with Rainbow, you will have surpassed many high quality therapy-hours with counselors.

While being on the journey of healing yourself, you eventually begin to realize that the reason for how we respond in certain situations is connected to the traumas we have experienced in our past.  We can often guess or sense why we act in an undesirable way or lose our natural flow, but the real challenge is to discover those forgotten or overseen experiences in our very early years that are actually the root and key to unlocking and freeing yourself!

Just one amazing session with Rainbow and you will have received the gift of discovering the roots and causes of personal issues while topping it off by seeing yourself from a whole new perspective – as if you learn to meet yourself again!

We often work with therapy, courses, or retreats. Apart from how beneficial they can help, they still can be experienced as “work” or an intense emotional effort.
This is anything but that.

Just a few crayons and a blanco paper in front of you, and you just have Rainbow Warrior letting the magic happen, while you answer very simple questions asked in the most relaxed, comfortable and warm way you can imagine.

Forever grateful ❤️